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Music - Pipes

If you are to have a traditional Scottish wedding, it should have the sounds of the homeland playing. The Bagpipes are one of the few sounds that will make a Scotsman stop in his tracks...as if to call him home. I have seen grown men tear to the sounds of "Amazing Grace", "Danny Boy" and "Scotland The Brave". There is nothing more majestic than to have a piper walk to the Altar after the pronouncement of the couple and escort them out for the recessional.
The following are tried and true suggestions of how best to enjoy pipers at your wedding and enhance the whole experience. Remember that a piper is a musician and as with most musicians, he will have his own thoughts, selections and experiences that may differ from those below and may even be better. Just about every piper that I have come across is more than willing to share his or her thoughts and will help you present a beautiful ceremony for your guests.


When and What to have the piper play!

You should give serious consideration to limiting the amount of playing. Most ceremony's are indoors and the pipes are loud in confined spaces. Here is a case of more is not necessarily better. It is important if you are having a church ceremony to make sure you have permission to have a piper playing inside your church. Some may not allow a piper inside but rather outside.


Before the Ceremony
It is good to have the piper begin about 15 minutes before the start of the ceremony. That is when most of the guests are there and will be most appreciated.

Songs Tunes
At this time in the ceremony, there is virtually no limit to the songs that could be played.


The Processional
Have your piper stand in the rear of the church. The piper can play for the entire wedding party as they enter.

Songs Tunes
For All Those Endearing Young Charms
Mairi's Wedding
The Skye Boat Song
The Cradle Song
Canon in D
Ode to Joy
Flowers of Scotland


The Bride's Entrance
It is important that the piper play a specially selected tune for the bride.

Songs Tunes
Bridal Chorus
Joy Cairns
Come to the Hills
Highland Cathedral


During the Service
If you are planning a remembrance to a loved one during the ceremony, you should limit it to one song. Small pipes can be a very good choice at this time as their sound is much less intrusive. Check with your piper to see if they have a set of small pipes.

Songs Tunes
Amazing Grace
Danny Boy
She moves through the fair


The Recessional and Receiving Line
You have three choices here.
~ Have your piper walk to the altar after the presentation of the couple and lead or follow the bride and groom down the aisle.
~ Have your piper stand in the rear of the church and play for the entire wedding party during the recessional.
~ Have the piper outside the door and have someone cue them when it is time for the recessional.

Whichever way you choose, it is traditional to have the piper continue playing for your guests as they leave the venue, go through the receiving line and then congregate.

Songs Tunes
Scotland the Brave
Highland Laddie
Mairi's Wedding
Cullen Bay
The Rowan Tree


During the Reception
There is no doubt that everyone will enjoy a session from your piper during the reception. This usually will take place after the main course and before the traditional reception events. This short 20 minute or so rendition of highland music will set everyones feet to tapping, hands to clapping and result in enthusiastic cheers.

Songs Tunes
Let your piper have his head and just go for it.