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Scheduling your Wedding

The following completely over-the-top schedule guide is presented here so as to provide a future bride and groom with a comprehensive list of things that they may need to consider as they prepare for their nuptials. Honestly, no list is ever complete but we have tried to make this list as comprehensive as possible. Naturally, by engaging our services, you will hand over the responsibility for a the greater portion of this list to us. Remember that this is not an action or to-do list but rather a memory jogger list of things that may need to be done. Also remember that no amount of planning is too much.

From the Announcement of your Engagement

~ Announce your engagement to family and friends and in newspapers if you choose.
~ If both sets of parents have not yet met, be sure to organize it now
~ Determine your wedding budget and try to stick to it.
~ Review the budget with anyone who is helping with the costs and also your wedding planner.
~ Engage a wedding planner if you are using one.
~ Decide on the style of wedding you want.
~ Compile a preliminary guest list.
~ Consider who you want to have in your wedding party and contact them.
~ Select dates for the all your wedding related functions.
~ Decide on a location for the various functions
~ Select a caterer for each function.
~ Book a block of rooms for your out-of-town guests.
~ Make arrangements with the celebrants for your wedding.
~ Book the venue for the wedding ceremony.
~ Select your photographers, florists, musicians, calligraphers and make your choices.
~ Make reservations for transportation (e.g., limousine, carriage, etc).
~ Make plans for your honeymoon.
~ Commence the selection of wedding and function attire including all accessories.
~ Establish what attire the brides attendants will wear and organize it
~ Have the groom select his and his ushers clothing and set a schedule with them.
~ Compile directions to be included in Save-the-Date cards and/or in your invitations.
~ Drive the routes that will be taken on your wedding day.
~ Mail a "Save-the-Date" cards to your "A" list guests.

About 6 months before your wedding day

~ Confirm with the members of your wedding party.
~ Order invitations, announcements, programs and all printed materials.
~ Register at several stores, choosing a broad range of items and prices.
~ Create a register of gifts received and mail thank you notes promptly after receiving a gift.
~ Organize the ring bearer pillow and flower girl baskets.
~ Document a wedding day schedule of events.
~ Create sketches and schedules for all the wedding day activities.
~ Choose guests for toasts, speeches, blessing of bread and wine, etc.
~ Select a jeweler. Look at a selection of wedding bands. Place an order.
~ Make arrangements for child care at your ceremony and/or reception.
~ Select the type and style of cake(s) and place your order
~ Consult with your florist, select your floral needs and place the order

Around 3 months before,

~ Prepare your final guest list. Begin to address invitations or take them to your calligrapher.
~ If you have not already done so, discuss wedding attire with the mothers of the bride and groom.
~ Confirm with all the wedding professionals (e.g., DJ, photographer).
~ Choose gifts for your attendants, ushers, flower girl, ring bearer and parents.
~ Bride, select your wedding gift for the groom.
~ Groom, select your wedding gift for the bride.
~ Complete arrangements for the rehearsal dinner, and for any other functions.
~ Be sure that you know where you will be living after the wedding
~ Get change of address cards from the post office and get them ready to mail.
~ Decide on the favors and purchase them.
~ Decide who will ride with whom and where people need to be when.
~ Assist out-of-town guests with reservations.
~ Choose a hairdresser and do a trial run.
~ Decide who will be distributing the programs at the wedding.
~ Meet with the caterer to finalize the menu. Order a cake if the caterer doesn't supply it.
~ Mail the invitations to the people on the "A" list, if you have one. Allow 30 days for the RSVP

Two months prior,

~ Get blood tests (where required)
~ Set your appointment for hair and nails as close to the wedding time as possible.
~ Meet or speak with your caterer to re-confirm the menu.
~ Select the music for your ceremony and each facet within it.
~ Discuss your musical selections with the musicians
~ Select and purchase any religious items you may wish to have.
~ Make arrangements for any additional customization (e.g., imprinting).
~ Review your needs with the photographer and videographer.
~ Mail the invitations. If you have "A" and "B" lists, mail the "B" list now. Allow 30 days for the RSVP
~ Review personal documentation (wills, health care proxies, etc.) and make changes as needed
~ Purchase any wedding-related items that you have not already done so.
~ Put Guest Baskets(favors) together and assign someone the task of distributing them.
~ Arrange for someone to deposit your monetary gifts in the bank for you.
~ Get your honeymoon clothes together(hers and his).

One month out and as the day approaches,

~ Reconfirm everything.
~ Check on clothing for yourselves and all attendants.
~ Confirm honeymoon plans.
~ Enjoy all pre-wedding functions.
~ Prepare a seating plan for the reception.
~ Assign someone to be responsible for reserved seating at the ceremony.
~ Pick up your wedding bands
~ Give your caterer the final head count
~ Prepare the final table seating plan and table cards
~ Hold your rehearsal and the rehearsal dinner.
~ Prepare payments for officiant, soloist, maitre d' etc. and give them to the Best Man to handle
~ Make arrangement for everything necessary to get to the ceremony and reception
~ Arrange for someone to return all rentals (tuxedos, chairs, etc.).
~ Arrange for someone to take items home for the bride and groom (wedding goen, etc.)
~ Test out the beautician services you will be using and make appointments for the wedding day.
~ Pack for your honeymoon.
~ Be sure that the Best Man has your Wedding Day schedule and will stick to it.

It is your Wedding Day,

~ Let go of everything now and just let it happen

~ Enjoy your preparations and enjoy that special moment

After the wedding day,

~ Enjoy the honeymoon, relax
~ Write thank you notes and/or send gifts to the special people who made your wedding "happen."
~ Send wedding photo and announcement to the newspaper(s).

Congratulations!! Enjoy your life together.