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You have dreamt all of your life about your wedding day. You have seen yourself in those bygone times of heraldry, chivalry, romance and charm. You have visualized yourself in the castle grounds with your husband, strolling arm-in-arm, absorbed in the romantic melody ushering forth from a lone piper.

And you, sir, have dreamed too. You have seen your bride, resplendent in white, ready to wear the sash of your clan tartan, ready to be your wife and stroll through the gleann and over the moors with you while the sounds of your piper resonate through the highlands.

You have wanted somehow to have your special day, your wedding day, taken back in time, to be transformed and set in Medieval splendor, truly reflecting the love and passion that you and your betrothed feel. The Artistry at Rablogan Castle specializes in making your dreams come true either in the Highlands of Scotland or the Rocky Mountains of Colorado.

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