Rablogan Castle
where old world heraldry, chivalry,
romance and charm still exist

Our Produce


The Estate Roasts of Rablogan Castle
The Estate Roasts of Rablogan Castle use only coffee beans that are obtained from indpendent farmers growing under organic methods. These coffees are the only ones served within the Castle and Manor. If you enjoy a rich, full bodied flavour and are not just looking for a caffeine high, then you will have now found the perfect source.

The Lairds' Premium Roast
A dark, full-bodied roast that is beyond espresso and reminiscent of the Turkish and Greek traditional flavorful coffees. This is full of flavor but low in caffeine. An ideal coffee for any time of day.

The Manor House Roast
This is similar to the Lairds' Premium Roast but is not quite as dark or as full-bodied. It is slightly beyond espresso and most definitely full of flavor. The caffeine content is slightly higher than the Lairds' Premium Roast.

The Clachan Roast
A wholesome, dark roast with a good strong flavour. This is a good coffee to get you going in the morning for those who need a little more caffeine but still want a strong flabor. The Clachan Roast is a little sharper to the taste buds.

The Pribate Vintages of Rablogan Castle
Rablogan Castle have their own private vineyard interests in lands far, far away under the daily control of The Vineyards & Winery of Rablogan Castle. These vineyards are small but they are dedicated to the nurturing of traditional vines for the harvesting of full and succulent yield at just the right time.

In addition to our own current bottling, The Winery obtains specially selected and hand-crafted wines that are crafted to our exacting requirements from other neighbouring and nearby vineyards. These wines are bottled in accordance with our guidelines to ensure that everything meets our high quality and presentation standards

The wines produced by The Vineyards & Winery of Rablogan Castle are released as
The Private Vintages of Rablogan Castle

The Estate Teas of Rablogan Castle
The Estate Teas of Rablogan Castle use only organically grown and certified teas and ingredients obtained from the pemier growing regions of the world. These teas are the only teas served in the Castle and Manor and are certain to satisfy the most demanding palate.

The Lairds' Premium Series
Black ~~ Green ~~ White

These premium organic teas are true classics delivery the precise, smooth flavour that you would expect from a high-quality tea that is sourced from only the best plantations in the world.

Bonnie Prince Charlie's
This special blend was developed with the Bonnie Prince in mind. You will enjoy the strong resemblance to the traditional Earl Grav but with a citrus twist that provide a delighfully smooth lift to an old favorite.

Highland Lassie's
The Highland lassie is a strong minded and determined woman but she also has a truly feminine side that she jealously maintains and is proud to display. This tea was developed with all these wonderful characteristics in mind. You will enjoy the subtle strength of the black tea that is caressed by the flavours and perfumes of citrus, corn-flowers and more.


Coming Soon

The Estate Spices of Rablogan Castle
A collection of the more commonly used herbs and spices in the kitchens of the Castle and the homes of the Lairds



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Our Produce

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